5 Tips For Staying Sane When You Have A Roommate

Most of us who have reached a certain (a-hem) age, have a story that begins with, “I had a roommate, one time, who …”. And rarely does that sentence end with, “was so considerate and accommodating; we never had any issues.” Having a roommate is like a right of passage; you enter wide-eyed and optimistic and exit with the weathered disposition of someone who has witnessed the dark side of humanity. Okay, maybe that’s a tad dramatic. Sharing your living space can actually be great, especially if you follow a few simple guidelines.


And do it early on. Hit up a patio or coffee shop and chat about things like:

  • Chores – Who will do what, and how often?
  • Food – Will you each take care of yourselves or buy together?
  • Bills – Who will be responsible for paying them? How will the money be collected?

While you’re establishing your ground rules, make sure to be specific. Your idea of cleaning the bathroom, for example, may be to scour toilets, tubs, and countertops until they shine, whereas your roommate may think it means to empty the garbage and Windex the mirror. The more you discuss in the beginning, the less likely you are to have issues down the road.


And when an issue does arise, don’t email, text, or hit up their Snapchat in an effort to avoid a potentially awkward moment. No one likes passive aggressive gestures. Instead, have a good, old fashioned face-to-face and address your concerns. Chances are, your roommate will be more receptive and the issue will be resolved quickly.


Be the kind of roommate whom you, yourself, would enjoy living with. Don’t consume food/drinks that aren’t yours. Be aware of varying schedules; if your roommate works late and sleeps late, don’t blast your favourite playlist at the crack of dawn. Don’t assume that because you live together, everything that’s his is yours. Be mindful of who you bring home and how often. And if you are planning to have visitors, give your roommate a head’s up. There’s nothing worse than pulling on your cat pajamas and slapping on a face mask, only to have your roommate show up with unannounced guests.


Is your roommate’s Twilight poster unfortunate? Yes. Is it worth an argument? Well, maybe. But, in general, it’s good practice to pick your battles. We all have annoying habits. Don’t obsess over your roommate’s. Learn to let the little things go and your living situation will be vastly improved.


Just do it! For real.

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