Q. How do I book a showing appointment?

All showing appointments are booked via email. When you click on a property of interest on our website you will see a ‘Request a Viewing’ link. This will bring you to an online form to be completed which is automatically emailed to our office and we will be in touch with showing availability once received.

Q. How do I apply for a property of interest?

All applications are submitted electronically via our website.
Are you a student? Please use the following link and ensure all of your housemates are on the same application.

For all others, please use the following link and ensure that all adults submit an application.

Q. Can I submit an application without viewing a property first?

Applications are generally only viewed and processed after a showing is complete. If you aren’t local, do you have a family member or friend that is able to view the property on your behalf? We are also happy to offer a virtual showing!

Q. Can I pay a deposit to hold a property?

We cannot hold properties and only accept a deposit once a lease is signed.

Q. When are 1st and last month’s rent due?

Last month’s rent is due at the time a lease is signed, this is what secures your lease. First month’s rent is due on the first day of your lease.

Q. Once approved for tenancy, how do I sign a lease and pay my last month’s rent deposit?

All of our leases are signed electronically and payment can be received via e-pay (directly from your bank account) on our tenant portal.

Q. How can I pay rent?

Our preferred method of payment is via our tenant portal where you can pay via e-pay (directly from your bank account)

Q. How long does it take to process an application?

It depends on how quickly we obtain the necessary paperwork from you and are able to reach your references. We recommend that you reach out to your references prior to submitting your application, so that they are aware we will be calling.

Q. What happens at the end of my fixed term lease?

Tenants in Ontario are required to provide 60 days notice to vacate. If you wish to vacate at the end of your fixed term, you must advise our office 60 days (on or before the first of a month) prior. If you wish to remain at the property, leases in Ontario automatically go month to month or you can discuss with our office the option to sign a lease extension.

Q. Can I sublet?

You do have the option to sublet. All sublets are required to apply via our website and must be approved by our office. It would be your responsibility to find the person. A processing fee is required. A Sublet Agreement will be sent to you once we have an approved application and received the fee.

Q. How do I set up utility accounts?

Please refer to your lease as the utility companies that service the property will be listed. We have included a few links below that will be useful.

Utilities Kingston:

Hydro One:

Loyalist Township:


Q. Which day of the week is garbage collected and what are the rules?

Depending on where you live, the following links will assist you:



Q. How do I set up an internet account?

You are welcome to reach out to the internet provider of your choosing. Please see links to some popular options below:

Q. Whose responsibility is snow removal and lawn maintenance?

Please refer to your lease agreement which will indicate whether or not snow removal and/or lawn maintenance are your responsibility or included and therefore taken care of by the property manager.  If you have further questions though, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our office for assistance/further explanation.

Q: How do I submit a maintenance request/ concern?

We are happy to help assist with any maintenance issues that arise during your tenancy.  In case of emergency please call our office, we even have someone available on call over evenings and weekends. For non-emergencies, please email our office and be sure to include your address and the details of the problem. A photo if possible always helps us understand the problem as well. From there, we will arrange to have the appropriate maintenance personnel attend for repair.



Q. How long will it take for FPM to find tenants?

Generally speaking it takes 30-60 days to find and secure tenants for a home, although this can be dependant on the time of year/season. 

Q. How often can I raise the rent? 

Rent increases can be issued annually based on the government rent increase guidleline for the year. 

Q. Do the FPM Rent My House and Carefree Management contracts have a set term I am obligated to?

No, our contracts have 30 day escape clauses for both parties. 

Q. What happens after a tenant's intial 12 month lease term?

Legally in Ontario leases automatically go month to month, unless an extension is agreed upon. 

Q. What happens if I want to move into or sell my rental property? 

The Owner is required to issue the tenants a landlord tenant board form called an N12. This requires 60 days notice outside of a fixed term, plus compensation to the tenant. 

Q. Does FPM help Owners with LTB issues that arise with the property?

Yes. When applicable, our staff will complete and issue the appropriate landlord tenant board paperwork to existing tenants. We also work closely with a local Paralegal that provides our office with advise and will represent you at the landlord tenant board if needed.