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6 Steps to hooking a sweet student property

Student housing season is here! If you and your housemates are in the market for some new digs, there are a few things you can do to make the process go as smooth as possible. Check it out!  

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How much electricity do you use?

  The cost of electricity is a hot topic for Ontario residents, particularly with the latest election just days away. As property managers, we’re often asked about utility costs. Recently, while doing a little research on behalf of a tenant, we came across this awesome Appliance Usage Chart on Utilities Kingston’s website. It provides the…

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Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

That first sign of spring is different for everyone. For some, it’s a robin. For others, it’s transitioning their little ones from snow boots to rain boots. And for still others, it’s game one of the hockey playoffs. Whatever signifies spring to you, one thing is true for all of us: there’s work to do!…

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6 Tips for a Stress-Free Student Move!

We’ve moved a lot of students in and out. A LOT. Moving is never fun, but it’s even worse when you leave it until the last minute. Now that another school year is winding down, we thought we’d get you thinking about your upcoming move with a few tips. If you read just one of…

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#TipsForTenants: How to reset a GFCI

Every night before you take your tired self to bed, you do two things: brush your teeth and set your coffee maker for the morning. And on those nights when you only have the energy to do one thing, you set your coffee maker for the morning. Don’t deny it. Then one morning, after fighting…

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3 Tips for Clearing the Clutter

For most of us, the dawn of a new year results in some form of self-reflection. Whether you make more resolutions than there are Kardashians or you reject resolution making outright, chances are you’ve given some thought to how you’d like the year ahead to play out. One of the more common goals (and certainly…

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5 Ways To Give Your Rental A Style Upgrade!

The reality of calling a rental property home is there are rules, particularly when it comes to changing up the decor (i.e. painting, pulling up carpet, etc.). The good news is, there are countless ways to inject a little style into your rental that are both eye-catching and landlord-approved. Let’s start with five. Washi Tape…

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5 Tips For Staying Sane When You Have A Roommate

Most of us who have reached a certain (a-hem) age, have a story that begins with, “I had a roommate, one time, who …”. And rarely does that sentence end with, “was so considerate and accommodating; we never had any issues.” Having a roommate is like a right of passage; you enter wide-eyed and optimistic…

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4 Signs That You Need A Property Manager

Owning a rental property is a smart investment, and it seems easy enough: you purchase a single or multi-family unit, fill it with lovely, responsible tenants, and reap the financial rewards. But soon after the ‘For Rent’ sign goes up, the realities of running a rental property can quickly become overwhelming. Marketing the property, accommodating…

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